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As the pulse of the music industry continues to transform, emerging NYC singer / songwriter Katt Rockell is carving out an indelible niche her way - delivering soul-stirring vocals with a sweet vocal timbre that cuts through the fluff and strikes a feel-good
nerve. Her music has an eclectic soul vibe and is filled with lifelong lessons and a clear message. We love, we lose, we win and we fall, but, when we get up, hopefully, we are better for having gone through it all. With truth and transparency as its common thread, Katt’s body of work has undeniable crossover appeal. Whether it’s the hip hop head, the pop consumer, the jazz enthusiast or the soul/R&B lover, Katt’s music evokes the emotions of love and fear that we all experience, while navigating through this crazy thing called life.

Katt grew up in Cape Cod, MA, and both of her parents were gospel singers. She was heavily influenced by gospel music and the timeless soul and R&B records from the
70s, 80s and early 90s. Her inspirations range from Shirley Caesar and Michael Jackson to Al Green and Sade. Katt began her journey in the junior choir of her family church and singing is and has always been second nature to her. Katt explains, "Singing has always been around me and a big part of my life. It was just something I enjoyed doing and seemed to be good at.”

In high school, Katt joined an R&B quartet and it was not long before the group’s manager recognized her talents and urged her to pursue a professional singing career to which she replied, “Wait! I can really sing - for real?" The group eventually broke up, but while in college, she continued to perform in local talent shows and write her own songs. It was during those years that she realized singing was her passion and decided
to pursue music full-time. "I had never been left to my own devices. I was always told what to sing and how to sing it,” she states. Katt began to create her own melodies and explore her innermost feelings. When combined with her true life experiences, she developed a very personal and organic approach to telling her story.

More determined than ever, Katt immersed herself into her music. Already recognized as a talented vocalist, Katt realized that developing her writing skills was essential to becoming a well-rounded artist and key to opening the door for her solo career.

In 2010, Katt signed a publishing deal with BMG Music Publishing and began to focus her attention on writing for other artists. She has since collaborated with several elite and award-winning music producers including John Legend, Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez) and Kwame (Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige).  

She has co-written for a variety of national and international artists such as Marlon Roudette (Germany), Joey Yung (China) Lauriana Mae (Atlantic Records) and her songwriting accolades include a plaque for a number 1 Top 100 single. Katt also penned two records on a new wave/dance project produced by Germany’s DJ Westbam and was a featured vocalist among the likes of Iggy Pop and Kanye West.  She also recently collaborated with DJ Xenia Ghali on the new club anthem “Broken” released through Pitbull’s Mr. 305 Records.

After teaming up with production heavyweights BudaDaFuture and GrandzMusic in 2012, Katt discovered that the synergy with the duo was very special, so they began to work on her solo EP, entitled, Living Free.   She wrote and arranged all of the tracks on the project and the result is a superior infusion of hip hop, old school soul and pop.  

Opting to release her project as an independent artist on her own label, Culture Creative Music, was a no brainer to the talented singer. Katt is sure of her sound, vision and product and wanted complete creative control over what she shares with the masses. She adds, "It's a lot of work, but I want to be accountable for my own destiny."  The promotional track “Pushin” was released in January of 2014 and the Beats & Blues Vol. 1 sampler in the winter 2015 both for free download. The Living Free EP drops in spring 2015.

Katt’s riveting live stage show is filled with energetic highs and vulnerable lows. Her performances bring her songs to life and take the audience on a journey all her own. The experience is one that should not be missed and will linger in your mind long after the show is over.

For more information on Culture Creative Music artist and BMG Music Publishing songwriter Katt Rockell, please contact:

Sabrina Russ

The Russ Agency                                                

P: (772) 226-0794    





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